Sunday, 1 December 2013

Project Life - Week 42

It's Sunday night already!  Hope you've all had a lovely weekend putting up Christmas trees and decorations!

My last post I shared with you first project life page.  After a break for a couple of months around the middle of the year I have been documenting each week since the start of August.  Already I love leafing back through each week, seeing everyday photos, screenshots of texts the kids and I have sent  to each other, and even some of the funny things that they say.  

It would take me a bunch of posts to share each weekly spread I've already done, so I'll jump forward a few months to week 42.  I'm still getting used to referring to each week as a number, and not the actual date.  I think for the remainder of 2013 at least I'll document by the date and start the 2014 with week numbers.  I'm already thinking of ways to improve what I'm already doing in PL in the new year, and I'll share some more of those thoughts closer to the end of this year (which really isn't that far away!).

The left side.

I'm using the Dear Lizzy Polka Dot Party collection at the moment.  Loving the mix of feminine florals and pastels with some bold colours and graphic designs thrown in for good measure.

The right side.

This week is mostly about our mini vacation to the Gold Coast.

For the date card I used one of the 6x4 cards on the Warm Welcome paper.  Can you tell I'm having a 'slight' obsession with anything gold at the moment?!!  I've also really gone back to using a lot of stitching lately.

I hope the chalkboard trend stays around for a while longer.  

As a compromise between my handwriting, which I find is the fastest method of journalling (but I'm not a super fan of my own handwriting), and printing journalling on the computer (which is great but can take a bit longer), I have been using my typewriter for most of my journalling recently.  Yes there's the occasional typo, but it doesn't worry me too much, and kind of adds to the rustic charm I think!

What's your choice of journalling for your own PL?  I often see scrapbookers comment that they don't like their own handwriting and think its a shame, but really I'm exactly the same!  I know I should use some handwritten journalling, and just between you and me, I'm actually practicing making my handwriting prettier!  We'll see how we go with that haha.

The Studio Calico wood veneer chevrons are another crush I have right now.  The Authentic Handmade journalling 3x4 was perfect to document our visit to the Gold Coast Lush store.  I'm just like a kid in a candy store visiting Lush!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

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