Wednesday, 28 March 2018

More Pocket Pages with Bloom!

You might have seen a few sneaks of this spread on my Instagram account already over the past week or so.

You may have also seen my blog post covering the left page here.  But, just a quick recap on that post, the lovely Traci Reed has created a gorgeous TN digital collection called Bloom.  And you can grab it for free, that's right, nix, nada, over here (Thanks Traci!)

I created and shared the left page first and have just finished the right page.  So here's the full spread together!

This collection is super sweet, with pretty pastels and lots of florals and hearts.

I'm definitely no expert at digital scrapbooking, but I had some fun putting this 3x4 custom card together in photoshop using a digital sticker and layering one of the patterned papers over the bottom of my canvas.  Loving learning these little tricks as I go!

I added another snippet of lace to the right side of the spread to provide balance with the lace on the left side.

After trimming the 3x4 filler card that comes with the kit down slightly, I layered it over some white cardstock and backstitched in a peach embroidery thread.

This is my first spread completely created from a digital kit and I'm beyond happy with how it turned out. I can see lots more hybrid spreads in my future.

If you're considering trying out digital products this is a great opportunity to have a go with a super sweet collection, without being out of pocket.  

Thanks for stopping by today! xo

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