Friday, 23 March 2018

Week 3 Pocket Page Spread & A Quick Tutorial

Hi lovely blog friends!

It's Friday night here in Australia and I'm super excited for this weekend!  I'm hoping for some time in the garden and some time in my scrap room, I don't know about you but that sounds pretty perfect to me.

Today I'm sharing my week 3 for 2018 and a quick tutorial on how I altered the cork shape in this spread.

This week I'm using Studio Calico's Summit Documenter kit from January 2018.  I purchased a couple of add ons to work with this kit, the Summit 6x4 paper pad (no longer available) and the printable stickers and printable labels.

Since my album is a 6x8, I was always going to have trouble fitting the full 'January' cork word on my 3x4 card. So I figured, well, why not just shorten it?  My scalpel made a quick adjustment to the cork word (hehe) and I love how it turned out!  I also altered it a little, and I share a little tutorial at the end of this post on my process.

Even though it irks me to leave a completely unembellished card on a spread, it just works for this page.  I tried a few times to add something to this card, but it just overcrowded the whole spread and I opted to leave the whitespace there as somewhere for your eye to rest.

This week was a hard one for me, I had a few personal challenges going on.  I know a lot of us like to record the bad along with the good in our albums, but this is something I didn't want to devote time in my family album to, and I used the 'currently' journaling card to record how I felt this week by ticking the 'feeling' emotion button, and adding journalling that said 'you can only take one step at a time'.  For me that will be enough to remind me how I was feeling this week.

Who knew that Snapchat could come in handy for more than cute selfy filters!?  The Fri Treats text and sparkly stars were added layers to a photo I took in Snapchat, and then I just saved the edited photo to my camera roll.  After I cropped it and printed it out with a white border I adhered a heart from the sticker sheet and called it done!

So here's the tutorial I promised!  To alter the cork word took just a few easy steps.

Step 1 is to give the cork a base coat so that any media will adhere to it.  To do this I used white gesso and gave the shape one coat on the edges and top.

I knew I didn't want glitter on all sides of the word and wanted the edges to blend into the background, so I gave the edges a coat of black gesso (if you don't have black gesso you could totally use black acrylic paint for this). 

After letting the black gesso dry completely, I added a coat of Mod Podge to just the top surface of the cork.  Now you don't want to scrimp too much with this, there needs to be enough on there for the glitter to stick to, but at the same time you don't want it flowing over the edges, because you'll end up with glitter adhered to the sides as well.  After you have the Mod Podge painted on, sprinkle glitter of your choice over the top and let it dry completely.  And voila, you'll have a sparkly cork word, ready to be the star of your spread!

Thanks for stopping by today! xo

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